Health Insurance For Large Families

Family health insurance is a way to have a private doctor for a large family. Without going through a waiting list, choosing the doctor you want in a medical chart.

It has advantages since the price is cheaper and there are almost always special offers the greater the number of relatives.

Whenever possible, coverage and medical insurance service give a greater family well-being and quality of life.

As a health insurance policyholder, you pay a fixed fee, usually monthly, to the insurance company to care for your family, help you and be by your side when you get sick. Some companies subsidize families based on the number of children who purchase health insurance for large families.

In our country, we have quality public health but with certain limitations that are covered by health insurance, such as the freedom to choose a doctor or the immediacy of being seen.

The first thing you should know

Before hiring a health insurance you must know what modalities exist.

Medical chart: it is the usual modality of health insurance. If you choose it, you can receive medical and hospital assistance from the list of professionals and health establishments arranged by the insurance company.

Medical chart with copayments: you have access to the list of professionals in the medical chart but with the addition that you will have to pay each time you apply for a benefit and use medical services. From a medical visit, to an x-ray or blood test. That helps reduce a little the monthly payment.

Reimbursement of expenses: it is the Premium modality of health insurance since it allows you to go freely to any doctor or clinic, whether or not integrated into the medical table. Initially you will pay the expenses of the services received but the insurance company will later reimburse you according to the established limits-depending on the company you will be paid 80 or 90% of what it cost you.

When hiring medical insurance for your family

By means of a questionnaire request, professionals from the insurance company assess possible preexisting illnesses that you have suffered and evaluate aspects that may aggravate the insurance price.

In the case of large families, all newborns that the mother has given birth at any of the company’s clinics, if they are discharged in a period of 15 days in their company, enter without pre-existence.

It is important that you know the grace periods that usually occur in medical insurance.

In certain cases, companies can establish a time interval during which some of the medical coverages are not effective.

For example, it would be the case of a pregnant woman who will give birth in a few months and hires her insurance during this time, the company would decide not to cover the costs of delivery and, therefore, establish a grace period of 8 months, but they would cover the costs of visiting and testing the gynecologist.

In the policies of large families, dental insurance is included, most treatments are franchised and some services are free, such as oral cleaning, extractions, check-ups, etc.

The best way to find good offers and acceptable conditions is to consult an insurance broker. Look at different options to see what things are necessary and what are not.

You should consider your current and future family situation so that if there is any unforeseen event, the family medical insurance will cover everything.